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Builder Gel - A buyer's guide

Builder Gel - A buyer's guide

Builder Gel is going to be the product that takes the nails world by storm. We believe it's going to be a game-changer. Every trade show we visit underlines that more and more professional nail technicians are using builder gel, primarily because their clients are asking for it. Why? Builder gel is a perfect choice if you want to extend nails and create strong, long-lasting nail enhancements. In this piece, we'll explore all of the equipment you will need for the perfect builder gel manicure. But first of all, let's remind ourselves of what builder gel is and why it's proving to be the new must-have in the world of professional nail technicians.

Builder gel - what is it?

For thicker, longer nails that are built to last, builder gel is the perfect solution. Whether you opt for natural extensions or tips and forms-based ones, a trained technician will help determine which technique works best with your existing nail strength. Once applied correctly, this specialised polish can make all the difference in enhancing both the length and the durability of your fingernails.

Builder Gel - the benefits

If you're searching for the perfect manicure, nail builder gel is your go-to. It will not only fortify your nails and help them to grow strong, but it also adds a stunning sheen leaving them looking polished and smooth. This type of gel is also simple to use; either apply it directly onto the natural nail or add it to extensions for extra length or shape.


Equipment essentials for a builder gel manicure:

Before you apply the builder gel, there are a few essential items that you should have to and (depending on what you're doing with the builder gel):

Now let's explore our most popular builder gels in a bottle in more detail:
Dolly - This popular pink shade is a subtle yet classic look and is perfect for everyday wear.

Cookie Cream - A pale, creamy colour that will make your nails look natural but still elegant.
Clear - If you want to add some length to your nails but keep them looking natural then the clear builder gel is a perfect choice.
Cotton Candy - A fun, pastel shade of pink that will stand out and make your nails look beautiful.
These builder gels provide a great base for any colour polish you choose to use afterwards. Now you're all set to go ahead with your builder gel manicure. And, of course if you are new to the world of builder gel, or have used it before but would like to know more, head on over to our training section to check out our range of online or classroom based courses. And of course we wrote this on how to apply builder gel like a pro...