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Builder Gel vs. Soft Gel: A Professional Guide for Nail Technicians

Builder Gel vs. Soft Gel: A Professional Guide for Nail Technicians

As a company founded by a nail tech, at Glitterbels we understand the importance of staying informed about the latest products and being at the top of your game. Today, we're delving into the differences between Builder Gel and Soft Gel, two popular choices in nail salons. In this piece we want to provide a comprehensive comparison, focusing on their advantages and unique benefits and so you can confidently answer the question 'what's the difference between builder gel and soft gel’? 

Builder Gel Advantages

Builder Gel has revolutionised the way we approach nail enhancement. Its thick viscosity and strength are its key feature, offering unparalleled durability and longevity - making a manicure last for weeks and not days. Builder Gel is ideal for sculpting and lengthening, and is perfect for  clients seeking a robust and long lasting for their nails. Builder Gel can be particularly beneficial for those with weaker nails that require extra support or for creating dramatic nail art that require a stronger base as a foundation. 

Another advantage of Builder Gel lies in its versatility. It can be used over natural nails, tips, or forms, providing a seamless and natural-looking extension. This flexibility allows for creativity and customisation, which is crucial when looking to cater for a diverse range of needs. 

What sets our Builder Gel offering apart is our HEMA Free formulation.  By understanding the concerns around allergic reactions and sensitivities, we were early in offering HEMA Free products. This commitment not only showcases our dedication to quality but also to the well-being of our clients. By choosing Glitterbels, nail technicians can assure their clients of a product that's not only effective but also conscientious. 

Soft Gel Benefits

Soft Gel is a type of nail enhancement product that differs significantly from traditional hard gels or acrylics. It's known for its flexibility and lighter consistency, which makes it a popular choice for those seeking a more natural look for their nails. Soft Gel is typically used for gel polish applications and is designed to be both applied and removed with relative ease, causing minimal damage to the natural nail. One of the well-known brands in the Soft Gel market is Shellac by CND (Creative Nail Design). Shellac is a hybrid product that combines the properties of nail polish with those of a gel, offering a variety of colours and finishes. It's designed to be cured under UV light, providing a long-lasting, glossy finish. While Shellac and other Soft Gels are admired for how they look post application, they generally do not provide the same level of strength or extension capabilities as Builder Gel.

Comparing Gel Types

We know that while Soft Gel nails are pretty straightforward to apply and take off, they just can't match the lasting power and adaptability of Builder Gel. Here at Glitterbels, our passion lies in crafting exceptional Builder Gels that not only look great but are made to last. 

The Glitterbels Promise

At Glitterbels, our mission is to empower nail technicians with the best products and knowledge. By choosing our Builder Gel, technicians are not just enhancing their service offering but also aligning with a brand that prioritises quality and client satisfaction. We continue to innovate and lead, ensuring that every product we offer, like our HEMA Free Builder Gel, meets the high standards of today's nail industry professionals and tomorrow's health conscious customers. 

To wrap up, Builder Gel stands out with its exceptional strength and versatility, perfect for creating durable and imaginative nail art, whereas Soft Gel, although easy to apply and offering a natural finish, isn’t as robust or flexible.