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does builder gel damage nails

Does Builder Gel Damage Nails?

As a professional nail technician, you're always looking for ways to perfect your craft and give your clients the best possible experience. So when you hear about a new product or technique, you want to try it out right away. Builder gel is a relatively new product on the market but its popularity has taken everyone by surprise. However, some nail techs are getting asked if builder gel can damage nails. As ever, we would always recommend checking in with a professional nail tech on any question around what’s best for your nails. So does builder gel damage your nails? Let's take a closer look at this question.

How Builder Gel Works 

Applying builder gel is more than just painting a client’s nails; it is an expert process for creating a durable bond between the natural nail and the gel. First, you must clean your nails and remove any oil or residue to ensure proper adhesion. Then the builder gel formula is applied to the natural nail and sculpted onto the desired shape. Working in thin layers ensures superior durability and strength, as well as provides a long-lasting and highly polished finish. Finally, curing time - either in a UV lamp or LED light - helps to seal and harden the gel, setting it in place for weeks of natural nail protection without damage. While this specialised gel can give you healthy and undamaged nails for weeks on end. You should also bear in mind how builder gel should be removed as well as applied to ensure optimum nail health. 

Potential for Damage 

Many people are worried that builder gel can damage their nails because it is a strong product designed to aid in strengthening the natural nail. The truth is that builder gel can be damaging if it is not applied correctly (and why it is essential for nail techs to keep their nail knowledge up-to-date). Builder gel does contain chemical ingredients such as irritants, toxic substances, and drying alcohols which can have an adverse effect on the nails if they come into contact with them. Furthermore, removal of builder gel requires soaking in acetone or remover which can make nails dry or brittle. However, as long as you apply common sense and the usual precautionary procedures, like not cutting back their cuticles and using the right products for removal and application, then the risk for any sort of damage really is minimal. But it's important for anyone considering builder gels to understand these risks before taking the plunge — so use caution when looking into this potentially rewarding beauty boost. You may interested to know that we offer a huge range of courses, (including for builder gels) which are available either online or in a classroom at venues around the country. 

Benefits of Builder Gel 

Builder gel is an increasingly popular type of gel used to add length, strength and lustre to nails. It is often used in conjunction with acrylic nails in order to give them a more natural-looking shape. Builder gels are applied similarly to other gels, with the added advantage that they require fewer applications as they start off as a liquid and can be applied directly onto the nail. By using builder gels, people are able to add extra strength and durability to their nails while still being able to keep their natural appearance. Alongside this, it also offers protection against external factors such as chemicals or extreme temperatures which can cause normal nails to become weak and brittle. 

Expert Opinion

When it comes to the safety of using builder gel on nails, what do experts have to say? Well, opinion is divided. Some nail experts are in favour of its use, claiming that as long as it's applied properly and instructions are followed, there's no chance it will damage the nails. On the other hand, others feel that the long-term risks of using builder gel are unknown and advise against it. Ultimately, it is up to you and your particular needs, however, if you're feeling unsure then seeking professional advice may be beneficial before going ahead with any decisions. It looks like the market, however, is voting with its feet. Given the amount of new product development we are seeing in the builder gel space we not only think builder gel is here to stay but is set to be THE nail product for 2023 and beyond. 

In conclusion, builder gel can be a great tool for achieving the perfect set of nails your client has been dreaming of. While the potential for damage cannot be ruled out, just like any other beauty product, it is important to take the necessary precautions and be consistent with your nail care routine to minimise these risks.  With that being said, there is no denying that builder gel can give you beautiful and lasting nails while saving you time and effort on regular touch ups.. Glitterbels builder gel collection offers essential components for beautiful nails that are durable and chip-resistant without compromising your nail health.