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how to stop gel nails from lifting

How to Stop Gel Nails from Lifting

We love gel nails! Gel Polish is a game-changing product it's super long-lasting and quick drying and looks absolutely amazing. But some people find their gel polish peels off too quickly. In this piece, we'll explore how you can make your gel polish manicure last longer and some common reasons why gel polish peels off before it should. So, if you want your gel polish manicure to last longer - keep reading!

First up let's explore what gel polish actually is. Gel Polish is a nail polish applied in a similar way to 'normal' nail polish, but dried (or cured) under a UV light. This curing process helps the gel polish to harden and stay on your nails for up to three weeks or longer. Gel Polish was first created in the late 1980s and has been increasingly popular ever since.

Why do my gel nails keep lifting?

Gel nails can sometimes peel off prematurely and this is usually caused by one of the following: improper application or curing, lack of Gel Base Coat or Top Coat, or excessive moisture. Make sure to follow proper Gel Polish application techniques to avoid premature peeling.

How to make them last longer

So, how can you make your Gel Polish Manicure last longer? Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Start with clean nails. Remove any existing nail polish and make sure your nails are completely clean before applying Gel Polish. This will help the Gel Polish to bond better with your nails.
  • Be sure to use a base coat. Gel Polish won't stick to your nails without a proper base coat. Applying a Gel Base Coat before Gel Polish will help it adhere to the nail better and last longer.
  • Be careful while washing dishes or cleaning up. Gel Polish can easily chip if you're not careful. When washing dishes, use gloves to protect your nails. When cleaning up, be careful not to bump your nails against anything hard.


If applied correctly what is the optimum length of time to keep a gel polish manicure?

The length of time a Gel Polish Manicure will last depends on the Gel Base / Top Coat you use, how often you apply Gel Polish, and how well it is cared for. If applied correctly, Gel Polish can last up to three weeks or longer. However, keep in mind that Gel Polish should only be worn for a maximum of three weeks before being removed and reapplied.

Why should gel polish be removed after three weeks?

It's important to remove Gel Polish after three weeks for a few reasons. First, Gel Polish can start to lift or peel over time and removal is the only way to ensure that Gel Polish does not damage your nails. Additionally, Gel Polish can also start to wear down and will look less fresh after three weeks.

Gel nails vs. acrylics what is best for longevity?

Gel Nail Polish is generally the best option for longevity. Gel nails will last up to three weeks or longer when applied correctly, while acrylics typically only last a few weeks at most before needing to be removed. Gel Nail Polish also offers more colour options and finishes than acrylic nails.

How to apply gel nails perfectly

Applying Gel Polish correctly is key to making it last longer. Start by removing any existing nail polish and cleaning your nails with a nail brush. Apply Gel Base Coat and cure under UV light for the specified time. Then, apply Gel Polish in thin coats and cure after each coat. Finally, apply Gel Top Coat and cure again. This process should help ensure Gel Polish is applied correctly and will last longer. If you want some more in-depth hints and tips on how to apply gel polish perfectly check out some of our how-to guides here and here. And if you are concerned about allergies, check out our range of Hema Free gel polishes here.

Now you know how to make Gel Nail Polish last longer and some tips for proper application. Gel polish manicures are a great way to make your nails look beautiful and can be enjoyed for up to three weeks when done properly. If you are keen to learn more about applying gel nail polish, whether you are a novice or an expert we have a great range of courses available online or face-to-face with an award-winning team of educators - check them out here.