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Nail Drill Bits Explained for Beginners

Nail Drill Bits Explained for Beginners

Whether you are just starting in the nail industry or are a seasoned professional, understanding the tools of the trade is essential and knowing what to do with your drill bits is no exception. Here at Glitterbels, we are committed to providing the best in nail care products and though we are famous for our acrylics, gels and HEMA Free range, we also take our drill game seriously. In this guide, we will explore the different types of nail drill bits available, their specific functions, and how they can be integrated into your routine to achieve stunning results. 

Cuticle Clean Bit - M:

This bit is a game-changer for cuticle care, offering precise removal and gentle lifting of the nail fold. The design is tailored to facilitate perfect nail preparation, a fundamental step in any manicure. Its versatility allows for use by both left and right-handed technicians, making it a must-have in any nail tech's arsenal.

Tornado Bit - C and XC:

These bits are your go-to tools for efficiently removing acrylic. They are particularly useful when you need to take off acrylic down to a clear base for a full nail redesign. A distinctive feature of the Tornado bits is their smooth top, which is ingeniously designed to protect your client's cuticles during the removal process. Keep in mind that these bits are optimised for right-handed users.

Volcano XC:

Specially designed for acrylic removal, the Volcano XC stands out with its effective performance and cuticle protection. The smooth top is a thoughtful addition, ensuring the safety and comfort of your clients during the removal process.

Flame Bit - Fine:

This bit is indispensable for refining work on acrylic or builder gel before the final touches with a hand file. It's precision-engineered for right-handed use, offering a level of control and finesse that makes it an invaluable tool in any nail technician's collection.

Diamond Gold Mandrel:

Aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior, this mandrel is a beautiful yet practical tool for holding sanding bands. Pair it with our black sanding bands for an unmatched filing experience that combines elegance with efficiency.

Large Barrel Smooth Top Bit - F and M:

These bits are perfectly suited for a range of tasks, including performing infills or removing gel polish on acrylic or builder gel. They are particularly adept at refining the cuticle area after acrylic application, allowing for close, careful work without any risk to your clients. Designed for both left and right-handed use, these bits are versatile and essential for detailed nail work.

Large Ball Diamond Bit - Extra Fine:

This bit is designed for gentle, precise smoothing around the cuticle area, particularly when used in conjunction with cuticle oil. Its fine texture ensures a delicate touch, making it ideal for sensitive areas. Suitable for both left and right-handed users, it's a bit that prioritises client comfort and safety.

Classic Carbide Mandrel Bit:

This Mandrel is the foundation for your sanding needs, providing a secure fit for sanding bands. When used with our black sanding bands, it offers a seamless and efficient sanding experience, vital for any nail preparation or finishing task.

5 in 1 - Fine, Coarse, and Medium:

These versatile bits are fantastic for a variety of tasks, including the removal of Gel Polish on acrylic or builder gel, and for protecting the client's cuticle area during the process. They are also excellent for refining acrylic work before you move on to hand filing. Designed for both left and right-handed users, these bits are a testament to the versatility and precision required in modern nail care.

Black Sanding Bands - Medium 150 Grit and Fine 240 Grit:

With their specific grit textures, these bands cater to a range of sanding tasks, from rough shaping to fine finishing. They are designed to complement our classic carbide mandrel or Diamond gold mandrel bit, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Understanding the unique functions and applications of these various bits is essential for achieving professional and safe results in nail care. Each bit is crafted with precision, keeping in mind the safety and comfort of both the technician and the client.

And, if you are a movie you may also like to know that we offer a range of comprehensive e-file courses, tailored to empower you in mastering the art of professional nail care. Please note that these courses are only available to people who have completed our acrylic, hard gel or builder gel certification. So whether you're honing your existing skills or embarking on your nail artistry journey, our courses provide in-depth training and techniques for flawless application and care. Visit the Glitterbels training section to discover more about our courses and enrol.