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Unbelievabel Gels Guide with Glitterbels Educator, Angela Metcalfe

Unbelievabel Gels Guide with Glitterbels Educator, Angela Metcalfe

We recently spoke to our lovely Yorkshire-based Educator, Angela Metcalfe, about all-things nails and how she got involved with the nail industry. Grab a cup of tea or coffee, get comfy on the sofa and let's have a read!


How long have you been in the nail industry?

I have been in the nail industry for 30 years now, and I have seen a lot of changes in nail products over the years. With all that Glitterbels have to offer, you can be certain that we, as nail technicians, can achieve lots of beautiful nail designs, from long extensions with coloured and glitter acrylic powders, to short extensions with builder gel.

What is one of your favourite Glitterbels products?

Glitterbels offer a huge range of products in Acrylics, Builder Gel (which is really popular at the moment and there is an exciting launch coming soon), Gel Polish with a Hema Free range, Unbelievabel Gel for nail art, and lots more!

I use Unbelievabel Gels a lot, but I see quite a few nail technicians are not sure about what exactly they are and what can they do. They are a hard gel product which can be filed off and can be used as a full colour over acrylic nails or for some gorgeous nail art! They’re highly pigmented and when used on a buffed surface, the gel doesn’t move which is great for fine lines and more detailed designs.

They're applied using a gel brush, or detailers for fine lines and nail art. 

My absolute must-haves in the Unbelievabel Gel range are ‘White’ for highlighting, ‘Black’ for fine lines and outlines, and ‘Swagger’ and ‘Super Star’ for adding that special something to my designs and some sparkle.

White Unbelievabel GelBlack Unbelievabel GelSwagger Unbelievabel GelSuper Star Unbelievabel Gel

So, with Glitterbels products, there is something for everyone 💕

What is your favourite type of nail set to create?

For me, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a beautiful set of natural nails! For this set, I used the Glitterbels Dehydrator, Acid-Free Primer, and Basecoat after prepping the nails. I then painted on two coats of ‘Mantrap’ from the Gel Polish range, curing each coat for 60 seconds. Then, I finished them off with the Glitterbels Rubber Topcoat and the Holo No Wipe Topcoat on the ring finger and cured for 60 seconds. Very simple, but very classic!

Natural nails

You can have a browse at our Unbelievabel Gel range, and find out more information on what courses Angela holds here too!