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Rubber Base Vs. Builder Gel

Rubber Base Vs. Builder Gel

In the world of nail care, two products stand out for their unique properties: rubber base coats and builder gels. Understanding the differences between these two can help you choose the right product for your business and, crucially, your client's nails. 

Rubber Base Coats: Flexibility and Strength

Spoiler alert: Rubber base coats, despite their name, don't contain rubber. They're termed so because of the adhesive and flexible nature of the product. A base coat's (regardless of what kind of base coat it is) primary function is to adhere to both the nail plate and the coating above, and it's a common component in UV gel polish systems.

Rubber base coats are specifically designed for flexibility. They work well with nails that are flexible, thin, or damaged, providing a less rigid coating that moves with the nail plate. This makes them ideal for these nail types but less effective for strong or dry nail plates, which can be rigid or brittle.

To determine the quality of a rubber base coat, try a simple test: apply a coat to a form, cure it, remove the sticky layer, and then peel it off. A good rubber base coat should bend without snapping, resist tearing, and stretch slightly. This test can help you compare different brands and find the one that suits your needs.

Builder Gels: For Length and Durability

Builder gels differ from rubber base coats in their consistency and purpose. They are thicker and used for strengthening and extending nails. Builder gels harden and are less flexible compared to rubber bases, making them more suitable for creating longer, more durable nails. 

Choosing the Right Product

The choice between a rubber base coat and a builder gel depends on your nail condition and the desired outcome. If you're looking to protect and strengthen thin or flexible nails, a rubber base coat is a good option. But if you aim for longer, sturdier nails, builder gel is the better option. Remember, one size does not fit all in nail care, and the right product should align with your or your client's nail condition and lifestyle. Here at Glitterbels, we have chosen to focus our attention on Builder Gels and, most recently, our HEMA Free Builder gel. 

While both rubber base coats and builder gels could have their place in a nail tech's repertoire, Glitterbels' HEMA-free builder gel stands out. Unlike traditional builder gels, our innovative formula is free from HEMA (Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate), a common allergen in nail products. Our HEMA-free builder gel makes it an ideal choice for clients with sensitive skin or allergies, ensuring a safer and more comfortable nail enhancement experience.

Our HEMA-free builder offers unparalleled strength and durability, making it perfect for those seeking to extend their nails while maintaining a natural look and feel. Its thicker consistency allows for precise application, creating flawless, long-lasting extensions that resist chipping and lifting.

Our HEMA-free builder gel’s unique formulation ensures minimal shrinkage and excellent adhesion to the natural nail, reducing the likelihood of lifting and providing a smoother, more even finish. It cures quickly under UV or LED light, saving time and enhancing the efficiency of your treatments.