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Understanding the Chemistry Behind Hema Free Builder Gel

Understanding the Chemistry Behind Hema Free Builder Gel

Builder gels have quickly become the preferred option for many looking for durable, long-lasting nails. But beneath the gorgeous finish is a wealth of science, innovation, and chemistry ensuring these gels can withstand daily wear and tear. In this article, we'll dive deeper into what sets builder gels and builder gel nails apart, the advantages they offer in nail enhancement, and the significance of HEMA-free choices.

The Basics: What Are Builder Gels?

Professional Builder Gels are a powerful nail enhancement product. Unlike traditional nail polish that dries on the nail's surface, these builder gels have a thicker viscosity and require curing under UV or LED light to harden. Decoding the Chemistry of Hema Free Builder Gels In recent years, the conversation around HEMA-free builder gels has gained momentum. HEMA (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) has been a long-standing ingredient in many nail products. Still, with increasing reports of allergies and skin sensitivities, the focus is shifting towards safer alternatives. HEMA-free builder gels often incorporate, among other ingredients polyurethane acrylate oligomer. Polyurethane acrylate oligomer forms the base of many HEMA-free gels, serving as an alternative to traditional monomers and oligomers. It offers comparable durability and flexibility but is generally considered less irritating to the skin. The net result of this ensures that users still enjoy the same benefits they'd expect from traditional builder gels, but minimize their risk of allergic reactions. By choosing these advanced formulas, individuals can prioritize both beauty and well-being.

Why HEMA-Free? So why should a nail technician choose a Professional Hema Free Builder Gel?

Safety Comes First: Using HEMA-free gels significantly decreases the chance of allergic reactions, ensuring a safer experience for both nail technicians and their clients.

Serve More Clients: By offering HEMA-free gels, nail technicians can accommodate a broader range of customers, including those with specific sensitivities.

Why Choose Builder Gels? The specialized formula behind builder gels brings numerous benefits:

Strength & Flexibility: The resulting polymer chains in these gels provide the nails with outstanding durability while maintaining the flexibility of natural nails.

Lasting Wear: Their resilient nature guarantees weeks of wear without the concerns of chipping or peeling.

Versatility: Builder gels can be used for adding length with nail extensions, correcting nail flaws, or simply enhancing the look of natural nails.

Gentler Approach: Compared to acrylics, builder gels, when applied and taken off properly can be kinder to the natural nail.

Builder gels, with their intricate chemistry, have transformed the nail enhancement industry. Their strength, versatility, and the added advantage of HEMA-free options make them a staple in modern nail care and treatment for many professional nail technicians. As your client admires their next manicure nails, you’ll know there’s a world of science working behind the scenes, ensuring they wear nothing short of perfection as well as reducing their risk of an allergic reaction. Glitterbels have been at the forefront of the builder gel (and specifically HEMA Free) revolution and we’re proud of our heritage. You can check out our huge range of HEMA Free Builder Gels here.