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11 Loose Glitters To Add Some Sparkle To Your January

11 Loose Glitters To Add Some Sparkle To Your January

It’s 2023, and many people this time of year may experience January Blues. With Christmas over and going back to work, it’s a time that many people dread, so we’re here to add a little bit of sparkle to this dull month. Here are 11 Loose Glitters to add some sparkle to your January:

Multi-colour time

Why not opt for a multi-colour glitter to set the colour scheme of the nails or add another pop of colour? Popping Candy and Chameleon both feature stunning colour combinations and can take the nails to the next level.

Popping CandyChameleon

Keep it simple

We have some loose glitters that boast amazing colours, so whether you prefer reds, blues, greens, pinks, blues, or more, there are many to choose from. Slushie, Roses, Lemonade, Foxy, Darling and Brat are all gorgeous and can’t be missed!


Eye-catching sparkle

Some of our glitters feature unique shapes, including snowflakes, butterflies, stars and more. Twinkle Twinkle, Tinsel Fluff and Precious are all beautiful and great for themed nail sets.

Head over to our blog 'The Best Nail Colour Combinations for 2023' for some inspiration ✨ 

Twinkle TwinkleTinsel FluffPrecious

We hope we have helped you to find some glitters for the new year, and maybe even your next favourite! Make sure to tag us in your social posts so we can see your amazing work.